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Prizm, born Ron Williams, is a pastor and gospel rap artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Growing up in the inner city of Baton Rouge, Prizm found himself trapped in the life of violence and darkness that plague so many inner city families.  Prizm always had a love for rap music and soon began embracing gangster rap music which lead to a deeper life of bondage.

After spending many years running the streets and running from the call of God, Prizm finally surrendered at the age of 22 and was delivered from the power of darkness.  Prizm didn’t initially recognize the grip that gangster rap music had on his life  but, shortly into his walk with Christ that chain was broken and he started a new mission for the Kingdom. He spent years in church being purged out and pruned by the word of God.  


Prizm partnered with DOC Kno and started G Force Records and released multiple gospel rap albums.  He received his license as a minister and was later ordained as pastor where he began leading G Force Ministries. 


Prizm attended the HOPE Bible Institute where he received his Bachelor and Masters in Theology and his Doctorate in Biblical Psychology.   Prizm is a husband, father, pastor, preacher, licensed Professional Christian Therapist, gospel rapper and motivational speaker.  Prizm has committed his life to reaching this dying world with a message of life and hope that’s found only in Jesus Christ and the word of God.

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