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It won't take you long to figure out why "D.O.C. (Disciple Of Christ) has been often referred to as the "Christian Dr. Dre." With D.O.C. being a skillful rapper, producer and engineer the comparisons rightfully fits him. D.O.C. started his journey into the world of music back in 1985 on his high school campus. After rocking pep-rallies and talent shows, D.O.C. soon discovered his hidden passion for music.
With this newly discovered passion, D.O.C. opened up a home studio and began recording for many local groups. His name quickly started spreading through the rap community and artists abroad, even those signed with prominent labels like No Limit, began to seek D.O.C. for production services.

D.O.C. had a full-blown production studio, plenty money and lots of respect but found himself at a crossroad. After recognizing the spiritual effects of gangster rap and wrestling the conviction of the Holy Spirit, D.O.C. chose to leave the music and serve Jesus Christ wholeheartedly. That decision proved to be one of the best decisions D.O.C. has ever made because God has given D.O.C. the very thing he was willing to give up.

With his new commitment to God, D.O.C now has a music MINISTRY that is shaking up the world. His purpose and plan is to produce music that will exalt Jesus and then liberate the children of God. D.O.C. is part owner of G-Force Records, producer, rapper and engineer, but most of all he would like to be known as a...
Disciple Of Christ!!!!


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