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Thank you for taking the time to visit us on our website.  Our mission is to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to the church, the streets and the world.  Now more than ever, we find that so many people are looking for purpose and meaning in life and often times they turn to everything but the right answer...Jesus. 

Why Jesus?  Well you see the number one problem that all humanity has is sin.  Simply put, sin is anything that we do that violates God's law or holiness. The punishment for sin is death and yes we all deserve to die because of our sin.  But because God is full of grace and mercy, not only does He delay His judgment, but He also made a way for all of us to be saved from eternal death and escape the judgment that we deserve.  That brings us back to the only right answer...Jesus.  He is God's only begotten royal son, that was sinless and died to pay the debt for sin for all of us.  After dying, three days later He rose.  If you or me repent of all our sin, believe that Jesus personally died and rose and boldly confess Jesus as Lord, God will forgive us our sin, give us eternal life and make us one with Him.

Wow!! We all can have a new life.  Because of this new life that we don't deserve, our mission is to tell others all about Jesus.  He freely gave His life and now we freely give ours in return.  Just about everything on this website is free and we encourage you to download our music, listen to it and pass it along to others.  We are trusting that God will use our music and preaching to bring people closer to Jesus.  We hope you find this website a blessing and we are truly blessed to have you as a guest. 

In Christ,
Ron "Prizm" Williams & Larkin "D.O.C. Kno" Weber 

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